We help you show up daily and get in front of your client base.

Branding is the the single most powerful tool that sets your company apart from all other in your industry.  Creating a strong brand and maintaining brand alignment is essential.  What is branding?  In a nutshell, It is how your client base experiences your business EVERY TIME. Imagine walking into your favorite cozy bakery with the warm colors on the walls, warm fresh blueberry muffins in the case beside warm breads, and a hot espresso with a leaf shape ready for anyone who orders.  Remember the smiling face when your made your order and the warm “Have a wonderful day when you were heading out.” In your office you happen to drop into their website, there is that same feeling again.  As you scroll through your social media feed you see their content and you experience them again.  How about that little not on your birthday with a discount code…. This goes on and on over the life of you relationship with your customers. The same experience, atmosphere, service, and so on every time.  

If branding is the train, brand alignment is the tracks that they operate on.  As the business owner, your task is to keep the train running on the right track.

We will help you discover, define, and design your brand. 

Brand consultation includes:

Brainstorming power sessions

Efficient discovery questionnaire 

Logo drafting & rendering

Watermark & secondary creation 

Brand guide


I’ve spent more than a decade designing and building brands from the ground up, and I understand the process innately, from “what the hell do I name this business” to “why can’t I just sell to everyone” to “what in the world is a brand story” to “how the hell do I get myself a logo that helps me look official and get this website started TODAY”.

And I want to give you actionable advice — steps, homework, things you can go and DO — right now, on TUH-DAY, to get yourself some traction. To actually start building that business instead of just talking about it. To SOLIDIFY and GROW that business you’ve started so you can put yourself in a position to win with consistent action instead of wishing, hoping and praying that things will work themselves out.

Join me for my all-new Brand Magic VIP Day experience, available to a limited number of women who are building or growing their businesses!

We will spend a full day — 6 whole hours — together with our heads down, DOING THE WORK of getting you a brand strategy that WORKS. That CONNECTS. That gets you out of this stuck place you’re tired of being in so you can make some progress.

Your day will be customized to YOUR specific needs for your business:

  • Need help figuring out a business name and how to vet it? We can work on that.
  • Need help figuring determining WHO exactly your ideal clients are and understanding why it hurts you more than helps you to try to sell to EVERYBODY? We can get a handle on that.
  • Need a read of your brand copy, tips to improve it and suggestions for copywriters who can help? I got you.
  • Need an audit of your current logo and branding with honest advice about how to improve it?
  • Need help choosing a logo template that you can use to get started? We can take care of that.
  • Need help figuring out what website platform to use (WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, oh my!) and how to choose a template that actually fits your business? Let’s do that.
  • Need a real-time audit of your website and entire online brand presence — including your social media pages so you can understand what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and most importantly how to FIX those things so you can go forth and do better? I got you, sis.
  • Need help translating your current branding into guidelines and an actual STRATEGY so your branding isn’t all over the place? We can do that, too.

I had a client recently tell me during our FREE 20-minute branding consultation that she wished she could pay me for the call because I helped her get unstuck and see things about her business that she had been trying to figure out for TWO WHOLE YEARS. In a single, 20-minute conversation.

Sis, you’ll have me for 6 hours. Do you know what we can accomplish in SIX of Beyonce’s hours? Whew chile!

Are you ready to do the work?


Branding your business on your own is…well…a lot. It can be difficult to know where to start, or whether the work you’ve already done is moving in the right direction. Instead of asking biased friends and family members or strangers in your favorite Facebook business groups for their opinions, book a session with me now and take advantage of my 15 years of experience building brands. We can talk about:

  • Your business name and tagline
  • Your logo design or lack thereof
  • Your website
  • Your social media strategy
  • Your brand message
  • Your ideal clients
  • Any other challenges you’re facing with your business

At the end of our 60 minutes together, you’ll know exactly what you need to focus on next while building your brand. Choose the day and time that work best for you below and book your session now!

Need to purchase multiple sessions because 60 minutes isn’t enough, or you’d like to have support over time? Volume discounts are available: 

  • 2 sessions: $575 ($25 off)
  • 3 sessions: $850 ($50 off)
  • 4 sessions: $1100 ($100 off)
  • 5 sessions: $1350 ($150 off)
  • 6 sessions: $1600 ($200 off)

Email me with the number of sessions you’d like to purchase and receive a customized invoice: